Logo Santa I/O

A dome of creative developers
and passionate artists.

Good Vibrations, peace and life energy is what we seek to develop and do our best. That’s Santa I/O philosophy.

Over the past 10 years, the Santa I/O has been materializing, until in 2012, finally opened its headquarters in the state of Sao Paulo - Brazil.

The decision to be located distant of a large business center as Sao Paulo, was the need for a more peaceful that would give us greater flexibility in our comings and goings, without mentioning the greater quality of life with air more than pure.

We have a dedicated team that is willing to develop multi-platform projects, making the brand of our clients reach all digital aspects.

Since game maniacs till freaks fascinated by feet make up our team of developers and artists. Yes, maybe we are a little crazy for what we do, but on our own way.

During these years, we worked with partner companies and brands of national and global awareness, turning our market knowledge to a higher level. This increases our skills and therefore increases quality of the projects we deliver.

We look for visionary clients and brands that believe in what we do. We do this with our soul, with passion and love.

What we do

Mobile Applications


Here we are, on Mobile age. Marketing and advertising are expanding to other ways such smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

We create great solutions to show your brand and products on hand palm of your clientes.

Mobile and Web Games

Mobile and Web

Games, games and more games are the entertainment of most mobile device users. Physics and math are the heart of most casual games.

We do it. We love it.

Commercial Websites


The simplest and most direct way to reach a large audience who are connected. Do not just develop websites, but a user experience.

Creative solutions give the special touch to what we have done.

Interactive and Experimental Works

Interactive and
Experimental Projects

Every creative professional has a constant desire to carry out projects that give them an extension for their ideas expand the boundaries.

Experimentalism joined to brilliant minds always tends to surprise us.

Where we are

“WTF? You are on the lost village?”

More or less. But come on, we are in the XXI century.
We don’t need to be on big city to do great projects =)
We want life, health and inspiration.

Companies we have worked with

Unilever do Brasil CuboCC The Monster Whatever Hotshop Pepsi Co. WMcCann Cavalera XXL Co. Drica Cruz Stylist Ford KIA

Talk to us

What do you want to talk with us?
Mobile Development? Web? Social Media? Technology?
Interactive Installations? Budgets?
Or maybe Women and Football?

Well, we're in Brazil, despite being the land of samba and
football, we also understand many other things.

Yes, we know that you don’t like forms, so
here is our email hello@santa.io